In my late night panic (late night panics are a very typical thing these days), I sat down to read the new issue of Harper's. I wanted to read Lewis Lapham's "Notebook." I knew that that would surely engage me, that reading Lewis Lapham would allow me to focus myself right out of panic mode. It didn't occur to me that I should be surprised that I had a new issue--when for years, I have been the last (of the subscribers I know) to receive the new issue. I flipped through the pages. I couldn't find the "Notebook." I couldn't find it. Then I remembered that Lapham was leaving his post as editor, and I just couldn't remember when exactly that was supposed to happen. I checked the website to see if perhaps my issue was faulty (a little crazy I know)--perhaps both my issue's Table of Contents page and its actual contents were wrong (yup, a little crazy). Maybe they were missing pages. I was surprised to see that the new issue's contents were not even up on the website yet. What? Also, I work in a library, and this library hasn't even received this new issue yet. More panic. I thought Lapham was going to continue writing the "Notebook" section--even after he moved on to his new project...and the masthead in this issue still says Lapham anyway... I slept fitfully last night, and I can't seem to write a fluid sentence. There was a punchline here I thought. Are you laughing?
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