bound and unrestricted

At our first dance rehearsal on Sunday, we practiced this movement which involved six people. One person lies on the ground. The other five place a hand on the reclined person's hands, feet, and head. This person, when comfortable with the reliability of these bodily connections, begins to move her appendages. As she applies pressure, those people connected to her feet, hands, head, apply equal pressure in return. What ends up happening is this: the support (or rather returned pressure) of the five acts as a floor for the one. The one, then, can bring her movement to the air, changing the way that gravity/pressure supports her. She finds new ways to move, new ways to initiate movement; she moves in a manner both bound and unrestricted.


The new year arrived as we walked on Franklin Avenue between Aldrich and Bryant. I found this curiously symbolic, so transitional it was.
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